About Us

Marketproof is a real estate intelligence and analytics company that makes real estate data accessible and actionable for every player in the marketplace.

Founded by Kael Goodman and Ning Zhou, Marketproof is a trusted, unbiased resource for people that buy, sell, invest, lend, develop, build, or own residential or commercial real estate.

Our software is connected to a wide set of sources, including public records and real estate listings, and uses machine learning to aggregate, verify, cleanse and interpret the data for you.

Marketproof’s research, advisory services, and subscriptions empower you to make informed decisions about your real estate interests.

Founder & CEO
Founder & CTO

Advisory Services

Leverage our information and network

Acquisition & Underwriting

The Marketproof team can help you identify and analyze investment opportunities using automated queries on our data, eliminating manual spreadsheet effort.

Introductions & Networking

Working on a deal? Looking for a partner? The Marketproof team can introduce you to other Marketproof customers with just the capabilities you are looking for.

Sales Performance & Comparables

The Marketproof team can help you identify comparables and track sales performance across projects using custom reports from our data.

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