Over 18k Condo
Buildings And More Than
250,000 Units.AS SEEN AS

The new-dev market is stronger than you think

The unit mix was skewed way too far to the top end

In this tier, sellers are throwing out a number to see what sticks


Access to complete condo inventory, analytics, market reports, sales history, and a community of real estate professionals.

Available Inventory

Access all inventory, shadow, listed, sold. You can search by borough, neighborhood, size, price, and more.

Marketproof organizes the inventory so you can quickly zero in on the buildings that best fit your search.

(What is shadow inventory?)

Markets & Buildings

Marketproof breaks down the sold. You can search by borough, numbers so you get the insights. Understand unit mix, sold & available inventory, and more.

Drill down by building, borough, neighborhood, beds, sq ft, and price points.

See Price &
Discount Trends

Find opportunities by seeing what is happening to the prices in the buildings and neighborhoods you care about.

Get details on price per square foot, average unit price, and discounts across buildings, neighborhoods, and property types.

Get exclusive weekly market
and daily updates with the latest insights and trends.


Professional Tools

Get information on listings, contracts, and sales as it happens.

Analyze buildings by sales agent, developers and architects.

Buildings New & Old

Stacking plans offer a whole new way to visualize inventory.

Quickly see how a building’s units vary across key metrics such as ppsf, sales status, and length of ownership.

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Access details about each building, including profile, analysis, units, news and plans.

Get details on specific units, see floor plans, transaction history, carrying cost, and more.

Access Developer
& Lender Database

Search, filter and anlayze the developer and lender database.

Access information about who was involved in the construction and financing of buildings.

Download Buildings,
Units & Mailing Lists

Download datasets that matter to you based on your custom search.

Drill deeper into the platform’s information to run your unique analysis.

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Curate and share
personalized groups of buildings and units.

Whether you're a real estate agent helping a client find the perfect home or a developer comparing projects, Marketproof's collections is an invaluable tool.

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